Squid Proxy doesn't start after reboot.

  • Hi all,
    I have just installed pfSense (latest release).
    I was hoping to use it for squid proxy and traffic shaping.
    Unfortunately the very important thing I need doesn't work and that is the squid service.
    It seemed to work after the first installation and configuration but after reboot all connection bypass proxy although from the status it shows that its running and so I have to stop and start it again from the command shell to get it to work again.
    I have installed squid stable 2.7.9, no any other package is installed, its the only package.
    Earlier on I had installed the beta version of squid, when it didnt work I removed it and installed the stable version, still it behaved the same, so I unstalled pfSense amd64 all together and installed the i386 version just to make sure its not problem with pfSense, but still the problem persists. I have attached the cache mngt screen shot for reference may be there is something I'm doing wrong.
    Kindly I really need assistance to make this work, any guidance will be highly appreciated.

    Best regards

  • Hi. I have similar issue. Do you success to solve?


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