Need help "discouraging" game play

  • I'm very new to the traffic shaper, as in, I've never used it before.

    I would like to, inconspicuously, discourage some gaming by causing terrible pings / packet loss. I'm assuming the traffic shaper is the place to be. I know, this sounds evil… bet let's consider it academic :).

    The game server IP ranges are, the port range is 5000-5500.

    I would like to only make that game traffic terrible, and allow any other traffic to act normally.

    Thanks for any help and advice!

  • First off, are you really trying to make the gaming experience poor, or are you trying to maintain good service for everyone on the link?  If you're really trying to kill game performance, you need a limiter and not a shaper.  Limiters will enforce a hard bandwidth cap, and you can introduce artificial packet loss.  Create a pair of limiters, one in and one out, and then create a pair of floating rules that directs traffic from the source networks and port ranges into the Limiter using Advanced - In/Out in the firewall rule.

  • Really trying to make it poor – thank you for the clarification and introduction to limiters!

    You mention linking "floating" rules to the limiter - I'm unfamiliar with those (I see the tab for them), what makes them different from WAN/LAN rules?

  • Floating rules are used in conjunction with a traffic shaper to allow you to apply rules regardless of interface (the rule "floats" above the interfaces, so to speak.)  Typically, you use it to shunt traffic in to a particular queue but you can also use it to shunt that same traffic into a limiter.

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