Skip interface if not found ?

  • hi

    is there any way to skip an interface check on boot, an interface what is allready configured, if not found to continue the boot process ?

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  • Netgate Administrator

    Basically no.
    It's a deliberate design desision. If a configured interface is removed then there would have to be some decision on how to assign whatever interfaces remain. Getting that decision wrong could have huge security implications.

    What are you trying to do?


  • I ran into this; what I was trying to do was build a second pfsense box "exactly like the first one except four i/f's instead of eight. I made a dd duplicate of the first box USB stick. I expected (hoped) that when booting the 4 interface box the 5th+ interface configurations would just be inactive/down, but that it would boot and I could make any further adjustments from that point.

    This didn't work, for the reasons stated.

    Obviously there are other ways to get there (and I did). Duplicating the USB stick had a certain "we know for sure it's exactly the same" aspect to it.

  • The backup/restore functionality is pretty comprehensive.  Instead of imaging, perhaps try installing fresh and then loading the old config via Diagnostics - Backup/Restore.

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