One CA or Two?

  • I am setting up a site to site VPN between two pfSense boxes.  I am using each box as a CA as well.  Since both sites are part of the same domain, I was planning to have one CA.  Here's my question(s)…

    • Once the tunnel is up, can I create certificates on one pfSense that refers to a CA on the other pfSense or will I need to import the CA from one pfSense into the other?

    • From a best practices standpoint, should I just plan to create two separate CAs and sign the certificates for each site on their respective CAs?

    Yes, I can play around with this and easily figure it out.  My challenge is one of my pfSense boxes is fairly remote, so I only have short opportunities that are few and far between to work on this.  I'm really just asking this question if people know this off the top of their head.

    Any input appreciated.


  • The two CA don't need to have the same keys on windows but must have the same name/freindly names

    I know this because I use a MITM to peek at SSL data and then isue fake certificates on the fly and did not always import the root CA and it all still worked if that helps

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