WAN (ADSL) show connected but cannot surf the internet

  • Hi All,

    Occasionally, pfSense firewall show connection is established.
    But you just cannot surf the internet.

    Troubleshoot the connection by doing pinging to my ISP's DNS server.
    Connection failed-time out.  So, surfing the web is not possible because
    the DNS server connection is lost.

    So, I rebooted pfSense firewall, and then everything works fine.

    This problem will happen every now and then, but not very often.

    Is there any way pfSense can sense the above problem and auto reboot or auto reconnect
    so that connection to the internet is always available.

    I look at the function = Schedule, but this only works with Firewall rules.
    I thought of having a regular scheduled time to reboot pfSense at certain hour
    to try to eliminate the problem of disconnection.

    Thank you.

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