Pfsense with openvpn nat

  • Hello, I'm new to pfsense, and I'm having a problem that is getting me crazy!

    I configured a OpebVPN and its working very well, I can access my servers of files and my routers, including pfsense!

    What I can't do from vpn is access my raspberry pi with transmission running on

    My rules are all standard, only with the open vpn rule! Do I need more?

    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards

  • From what I can see the packages are reaching my my raspberry pi, but then the replay is not being redirected back to me on the OpenVPN, do I need to allow any traffic or something to this port on the VPN?

    Thank You

  • Hello, ok, I found out the problem! My raspberry pi had a firewall that I didn't know about! :-$ it was blocking my traffic from the vpn!

    Information to any one with similar problems!


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