Proper local domain DNS setup - May be killing my network

  • Hi all,

    I've recently shifted my home network away from Windows Server and onto Samba4 using it's internal DNS instead of BIND. Since doing this, I've noticed that my network goes down about once a day, causing me to reboot PFSense, which solves the problem. I'm unsure if DNS is causing this issue, but it's the only thing I've really changed that would impact PFSense that I can think of.

    Currently, this is my setup: = CentOS running Samba4 and DNS = PFSense with the following settings:

    • System > General Setup
          - DNS Server list is blank
          - Allow DNS server list to be overridden is checked
          - Do not use the DNS Forwarders as DNS server is not checked
    • Services > DNS forwarder
          - Everything unchecked unless specified
          - Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder
          - Register DHCP static mappings in DNS forwarder
          - Do not forward private reverse lookups
          - Domain Overrides: MYDOMAIN.local ->
    • Services > DHCP Server
          - DNS servers only 1 set as
          - Static mappings for any internal machines

    I basically want PFSense to handle all DNS queries since this is a home network and my Domain controller is running in a virtual machine. It's something I mess with a lot and is not always 100% functional, so I want PFSense to be my solid point of contact with the internet. Should I have static mappings for the domain in the PFSense DNS and not even allow clients to need 205?

    Is there anything in this setup that isn't correct for that situation, or that could be causing my weird disconnect issues?


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