Simulate ISP before shipping

  • I am setting up a pfsense box to send to a datacenter.  So I am trying to simulate the network to test all the features before it goes (so I don't screw it up when it is a loooong way away).

    The hosting company will provide me with a /29 address space.

    So on my test pfsense box I configured a static WAN interface with / 29

    I should be able to use - in my simulation for hosts.

    The part I don't understand is the ISP side (since I'm not an ISP).  I have another pfsense box setup that I am trying to simulate the datacenter side but I have no idea what the values would be on that box.

    Would it exist in something like address or something?  I know that ISP interface needs to act as the default gateway for my network but just don't know how to get there…

    Any tips?

  • Far and away the best advice I can offer is "ask the hosting company". They should provide to you at a bare minimum:

    The second best advice I have is make sure that you have your IP addresses whitelisted to access the box remotely and if at all possible test the setup in your lab using the actual IP addresses, not simulated IPs.

    Lastly, is that block for use behind the firewall (LAN) or do you intend to port forward all the the external IPs?

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