Pfsense IGMP issues? Not sure.

  • Pictured below is a constant IPTV stream going through pfsense(using IGMP Proxy). The problem is that pfsense seems to drop the stream every-so-often(causing the TV service to cut out), without reason.

    This has been going on across multiple hardware platforms that i have loaded pfsense on.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why this could be happening?

  • I had that problem myself but never found out the reason. The problem just did not occur anymore and I did not have the opportunity to analyze this.

    There are several possible reasons apart form a problem with pfSense itself: pfSense could not receive group membership packets by the receivers of the stream or the provider could simply have caused that drop.

    You could start by monitoring the IGMP traffic on the WAN interface (Diagnostics / Packet Capture). I would prefer using tcpdump from the command line on pfSense because you can filter IGMP traffic.

    If you do that while receiving the stream then when you have drops you should check the exact time. This way you can associate the drops with events in the packet trace. I would first look whether the drops have been caused by missing IGMP packets to your provider.

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