Custom Bandwidths are greater than 30%. Please lower them for the wizard to cont

  • Pf version 2.1.4, following the Single WAN, Multi LAN wizard.  I chose 1 lan connection, set my upload at 4 MBps, download at 60MBps and pretty much hit Next from then on out.  I get the Custom Bandwidths are greater than 30%. Please lower them for the wizard to continue error after the Finish button.

    Weird thing is.. it defaulted to 30% up and down under the VOIP page.  I've tried lowering both to 20% and the error persists.

    Since when is 20% greater than 30%?

  • Oh and for those thinking that maybe my P2P was set too high.. it limits you at 15%, so I left mine set to that.

  • Beuller?

  • This is an HFSC shaper i Assume?

  • Nope.. PRIQ.  I was able to enable the shaper by not answering anything other than the number of wan connections, and my upload and download limits.  I I try to configured anymore than that using the wizard I still get this stupid 30% error.

  • PRIQ doesn't care about bandwidth allocation, only priority.  You can set those values to whatever you want and it won't make a difference.  Lower-priority packets get bumped for higher priority.  The end.

  • So being a newb to shaping traffic, how would a new person know to ignore the %'s, or in my case the wizards altogether?  Since teh wizard gives you the option for PRIQ id be cool if there was a tidbit in there somewhere about being able to ignore those.

    But even so.. should I be getting that 30% error?

  • They try to make the GUI a one-size-fits-all.  Yes, it would be more helpful if certain fields were disabled or hidden depending on the scenario.  It's all part of the fun of learning a new tool.

  • Fun he says.. LOL.  Nah I read you, this QoS/Shaping stuff is damn confusing enough without the GUI lying to me hehe.

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