DHCP Relay issue

  • Not sure if this is specifically 2.2 related, but I am running the latest Alpha as of this post. Prior to this I was using a build from a month ago with same issue, which is why I tried updating.

    I am using pfsense in a Hyper-V VM with one virtual NIC for WAN, one virtual NIC for LAN, and a virtual NIC for a VLAN(20). The WAN is a separate physical NIC and the LAN and VLAN are the same physical NIC.

    If I use the built in DHCP server on pfsense on the VLAN interface it works fine… gets ip, using DNS from LAN interface, internet access all that. If I use DHCP Relay and point it to the Win 2k12 server on the LAN interface, nothing happens. Scope is configured with same subnet as the VLAN interface so I'm not sure what is happening here... any thoughts? And, obviously, the DHCP server is working fine on it's native scope.

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