Adding/assigning new interface causes lost connections

  • I have a firewall with multiple vlans, utilizing CARP on WAN, and I have to add new vlans occasionally.  Unfortunately, after adding the vlan, when I add the new interface it is automatically assigned my CARP wan_vip1 interface, which causes loss of connectivity to the wan interface CARP IP.  Luckily since I have logmein on a machine behind the firewall I am able to get into there (since only the CARP IP looses connectivity, the WAN ip on the firewall itself does not) to basically go into the WAN interface, safe it and apply and all connectivity is restored as it brings back up the CARP ip properly

    This is more of a bug report, but wanted to post here first to get some input.  It would be much better to ask the user what interface they want assigned when they add a new interface as this would avoid this very unfortunate situation.

  • Have seen the same problem occur with our setup:

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