Migrating from mulitiple NIC's to multiple VLAN's

  • Hi guys,

    Not sure if the question has been asked before (I'm hunting the forums now) but I have a PfSense box running within our VMWare infrastructure as a general purpose router/firewall with low traffic loads across 4 subnets/VMware port groups and I want to instead switch out the 4 NIC's for a single trunk NIC and VLANs.

    The reason being that it seems a much more flexible way to manage interfaces on the router, allowing me to add or remove them without needing a reboot, something that adding a "physical" NIC in VMWare would necessitate.

    I'd really like to avoid having to rebuild the router as we have the captive portal function running on the box with active tokens (some of which run to 12 months for "service" devices) which a rebuild would invalidate so I'm wondering if anyone has a good guide so I don't break things.

    Thanks and best regards,


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