PC with 2 NIC but cannot see all the data

  • Hi

    I want to test out pfsense and will try to run it in VM-Ware on a PC and have connected a router to a PC that has two NIC by running a wire from the WAN outlet on the wifi router to one of the cards but i can only see traffic that has been addresses to the machine when i run wireshark and not traffic intended for the internet.

    if i bridge the two cards on the PC then machines connected to the test router can access the internet so it looks like the hardware is all OK

    Not sure if i need to be running a gateway or ISA or what but i think any traffic that is not addresses to the card is blocked before it enters the machine and i want to get the cards working under windows before trying to configure pfsense.

    I have tried setting the Gateway on the WAN to use the same gateway as used by the PC to access the internet on the second card but the PC does not act as a relay like i exspected it to do even if i use the same subnet and mask of

    Where am i going wrong ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    So just to be sure you're not running pfSense yet at all? Instead you're running Windows on the box just to test the hardware?

    To make windows run as a router you need to use 'internet connection sharing'. Just enable it on the connection to the internal wifi device. They may have renamed it in the 10+ years since I last used it for anything!  ::)


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