Static ARP

  • I have a question/suggestion for the “Static ARP” feature.  I was wondering if an option could be added to also allow clients who obtained valid (non-static) DHCP leases to be able to communicate with the router too (while the leases are not expired) – the goal here would be to prevent clients from using IP addresses which were not assigned to them (only the one given to them randomly by the DHCP server, like how many ISP’s operate) – right now the clients have to be defined in the static ARP list and any clients given a normal DHCP lease have no access whatsoever (which can be a bit too restrictive in certain scenarios.)  See the diagram below for a more straight foreword explanation:

    Note: This screen shot was pieced together from different sections of pages. (diag_dhcp_leases.php and services_dhcp.php)

    If this is already possible, how exactly would it be done, because my goal is to provide a hassle free connection to the network (not having to register MAC addresses manually), yet prevent people from using IP addresses not assigned to them (some IP's have higher bandwidth privileges then others)

    Thanks much for any input

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