SquidGuard issue - blocked javascript hangs pages

  • Hi all,

    Have started experiencing squidguard problems recently. I mostly use squidguard to block only ads. I've tried a couple of different black lists and same issue persists.

    Basically, when squidguard is on, I get pages (like cnn.com) hanging, and not loading. I did some basic analysis on what's hanging, and I found that it is the javascript code (.js extension files) that come from advertisers like google (and others). It seems that the browser doesn't get the "denied" reply from the proxy server and keeps waiting for a reply. The result is a "hanging" page. If I let it go, it'll eventually timeout and load the page. The problem is that the browser (Safari and Firefox) doesn't render any other elements and continues to wait for JS – basically a blank page (on some sites though some of the elements load first, but the page is in "loading" status).

    I've tried squidgurad and squidguard3 already, same result. Until recently it was working fine. I was trying to follow the directions of another topic here ("Taming the beasts.... ") and stated to make some rule changes on the firewall (didn't get past that), some things worked, some didn't ... still working on that. Since then, I've stated seeing that problem. But I must say that turning off squidguard makes sites load fine. Hence, I don't think it's the firewall - but I maybe I'm missing something. Could it be the firewall?

    Also, I noticed that when reinstalling packages, the settings seem to stick. Meaning, it's not 100% clean uninstall. Is there a way to do 100% uninstall of squid and squidguard? So I can try clean install.

    Thanks a lot!

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