Squid externally, how to

  • Looked through the forums, too many different answers. I'd like to run Squid 3.4, Transparent, in a separate ESXi VM, with pfSense 2.2 in another, in a test environment. What is the PROPER way of doing an external Proxy with pfSense 2.2 Alpha as the Firewall?

    The reason I ask is because its much easier to keep packages up to date and working separately. Squid-Dev does not work with 2.2 effectively and by separating them I can keep them updated and working… And I can actually change the squid.conf without it reverting to pfSenses setup upon boot. :)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    1. Put proxy on a different subnet away from clients/consumers of the proxy
    2. Add port forward on LAN and other internal client interfaces to forward TCP traffic from a source of any to a destination of any on port 80, target is the proxy IP on the proxy port.

  • Duh… Thanks Jiimp for hitting me in the head... Working.

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