Newbie: configuration with WAN and LAN help

  • First pfsense installation, I set the WAN and LAN interface respectively. However for VLAN, I haven't set anything yet. The wan lan interface looks like this:
    WAN -> re0 -> (IPv4/DHCP)192.0.168.X
    LAN -> rl0->

    The settings above does not work for me. I tried enter the webconfigurator via the WAN IP address set but all the browsers returned with connection to server was reset, web page not found error… I also can't surf other websites. rebooted reassigned the WAN and LAN does not do anything for me.

    Can anybody give me a hint on this??

  • Netgate Administrator


    WAN -> re0 -> (IPv4/DHCP)192.0.168.X

    I assume that's a typo and your WAN is 192.168.0.X?

    Where are you trying to access the webgui from? Why are trying the WAN address? If it's from the WAN side then this is expected behaviour, all connections are blocked to WAN by default.


  • @ Steve: Yeah, sorry it's indeed a typo. I am trying to access the web config on my other computer, which the default gateway is on the same network with the WAN ip address. How can I enter my web config then? I am baffled because as soon as I set a LAN with the WAN interface in pfsense, I can't access any websites anymore including the web config. I tried enter the web config through the LAN ip but fails (either no server found or times out)

    I am still a novice in networking. Please do help me shed some light on this.


  • Netgate Administrator

    The default firewall configuration is to block everything on the WAN so you won't be able to connect from the WAN side. To connect to the webgui you should connect a computer to the LAN interface. pfSense will, by default, be running a DHCP server on LAN so it should give you an address in the 192.168.1.X subnet.
    Your LAN NIC is an older 10/100 Realtek type so it won't have autoMDX. Depending on what you connect to it you might need a switch or a cross-over cable to connect. You would know right away though because you'd see no link lights on the NICs.


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