NAT issues after 2.1.4 upgrade

  • This weekend I upgraded from 2.0.3 to 2.1.4

    After the upgrade we started  having issues getting to sites through the NAT rules on our backup internet connection. The backup connection is a basic Virgin Media contended business connection with a not so super "SuperHub".

    The sties are constantly going up and down (we use pingdom to monitor), when down, I use an internet port checker and it says the ports are closed. It seems to be less of a problem if the internet connection is in constant use. Over night it was down about 60% of the time but while I have been in the office today that has dropped to around 10%.

    I have re jigged and recreated the NAT and firewall rules to no effect (I restored back to original config after confirming this did not work).

    I have rebooted the Virgin Router.

    I have moved the connection to a different port.

    I don't have any multi Wan config set up and all of my other config is pretty standard

    No entries in the log regarding this but I was seeing quite a lot of dropped packets.

    after the upgrade the RRD graphs for performance stopped working so I reset the RRD files. The performance graphs now work but the Quality graphs have stopped.

    Running our of things to try.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.