Multi WAN - only one GW

  • Hi Guys,

    i need your help - here is what i got: I am running an pfSense (newest version) on an ESXi-Server. I orderd 3x public IPv4-Addresses. So what's the catch?
    My ISP routes each IPv4-Adress to a different MAC-Address which i can't influence. So i needed to add 3x Network-Adapters which had the right mac-addresses.
    The Problem: All of my addresses are using the same Gateway. But pfSense is only capable of using the GW one for a single interface and not for 3 different interfaces.

    Does anyone have an idear for this issue?

    Kind regards

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If the IPs are statically assigned (not DHCP), then don't use multiple interfaces, add the other IPs as CARP type VIPs. Each of those will have a unique MAC address.

  • Thanks for your response jimp. But this way i can't set the mac-address manually which is exactly what i need todo - my ISP checks the mac-addresses which is why i need to use the mac-address the ISP told me… so unfortunately i think this won't work?

    (To make thinsk clear - my ISP gave me 3x public IPv4-addresses which are all bound to a single unique mac-addresses which i have to use in case i want to use the ip... and to make thinks much more difficult: All of them have the same default gateway...)

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    Then that isn't likely to work as you'd want/expect all on a single firewall. If an ISP tried to do that to me, I'd ditch them in a heartbeat.

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    Hi vitafit,

    The solution that jimp provided works for me for multi-wan with a single GW for all of the WAN IPs. Here is the link that helped me get it setup. To the ISP, they will see the same MAC for all of the WAN IPs.

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