Free FiOS Speed Upgrades

  • For those that missed the news elsewhere, most residential Verizon FiOS customers are eligible for a free upgrade to the newer speed tiers, no contract extension (and new pricing) as is usually necessary.  For most people this will double your upstream throughput.  If you were lucky enough to be on 500/100 then you'll be pushed to 500/500.

    Register for their MyRewards+ product (free, just enter birth day and month) and the upgrade will happen "soon".  Mine took about 8 hours.

    EDIT #1:  Yes, I know this isn't the right section for this, but this is a more visible area than General Discussion which has had about a dozen threads this month.

    EDIT #2: No, Business FiOS customers aren't eligible at the moment.  I've got to email my rep tomorrow because I just had 500/100 installed last Friday and it would be great to get a bump there as well.

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