One WAN as Default gateway while using 3 WANs as load balancing

  • I am using Multi WAN (3 WANs) setup.  When I got to "System –> Routing --> Gateways" I have to select one of the WAN as DEFAULT.  Would it affect my LoadBalancing ?  I have already created new Firewall Rule for (LAN) by selecting GATEWAY as "loadbalancing" rule.

  • Hi, i am in the same condition,  i dont unrstand the following thing:
    when you create a group of tree gateways (all tier 1), what we are suppose to do with the defaul gateway option?
    To leave it marked or to unmark?
    thank you in advance

  • Hi spice,

    You can leave the default gateway as it is. In your Firewall LAN rules add a rule before the default rule with gateway as loadbalancing gateway.

    The default gateway is required if you are doing static routing.


  • You can think of the default gateway as your primary wan. But this gets affected by your gateway groups when LB kicks in.

  • Do note that traffic originating from the pfSense system itself will always use the default gateway. It's not possible to redirect locally originating traffic to a specific WAN connection or to a gateway group in pfSense/FreeBSD.

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