Any news on updates for the Zabbix 2.2 Packages?

  • Is there any schedule for upgrading the Zabbix packages to the latest (2.2.5).  I am experiencing problems with the 2.2.2 proxy that I believe are fixed in 2.2.4.

    Specifically I believe that I am hitting and it would also be nice to have the bulk SNMP requests that were implemented in 2.2.3.



  • Hi.
    The update is on the way.

  • zabbix proxy and agent were update to 2.2.5.
    you can test.


  • Has the location for the packages changed?  I'm having trouble downloading the agent.

    Beginning package installation for Zabbix-2 Agent…
    Downloading package configuration file... done.
    Saving updated package information... done.
    Downloading Zabbix-2 Agent and its dependencies...
    Checking for package installation...
    Downloading ...  could not download from there or
    of zabbix22-agent-2.2.5 failed!

  • absurddoctor, what pfSense version are you running?

  • 2.0.1 on that box unfortunately, which appears to be the problem.  Hopefully this additional bit of ammunition will finally convince the client to allow a maintenance window for an upgrade.  Thanks for the clue.

  • no problem.
    it's better make the upgrade.

    2.1 and 2.2 is using the .PBI packages.
    2.0.1 uses .tbz


  • Hello

    Some observation regarding the Zabbix proxy v2.2.5 package on pfSense 2.1.5. Should be the same for all 2.2.x.

    1. Paths

    The package is installed in "/usr/pbi/zabbix22-proxy-i386". Is there a reason to use the version in the name ? As far as I understand, one is not supposed to install different versions at the same time. The same applies to the Zabbix agent package.

    Inside the package directory, the configuration files are under "etc/zabbix22". Here, I would use the standard names like "etc/zabbix-proxy" and "etc/zabbix-agent".

    The log files are under "/var/log/zabbix2". Again, I would prefer "/var/log/zabbix". Inside this directory, we have "zabbix2_agentd.log" and "zabbix_proxy.log". The agent has the version 2 in the name, the proxy not.

    The run files and directory under "/var/run" all have the version 2 in the name.

    So, I think getting rid of the version in the names would be nice if one needs to script something which should work for any installed version. I haven't checked if other files behave the same. But my wish is at least, to have them consistent for the proxy and agent. Currently, we have none, "2" and "22".

    2. Strange start-up behaviour

    I'm using the agent and proxy on PC-Engine Alix board. When starting the proxy, it will create the SQLite database. Often, during database creation, the proxy is getting killed and then started again. Sometimes leaving a corrupt SQLite database file, which prevents the proxy from starting again. Don't know what's the reason, haven't debugged this.

    3. New version

    I'm looking forward for an update to the upcoming version 2.2.8 or a 2.4.x release, where one can disable the SNMP bulk-get, which stresses for example the HP ProCurve 1800 switches… Their SNMP agent on the management interface normally responds in <5 ms with some seldom spikes to 40 ms. With bulk-get of SNMP, half the time the latency get up to 500 - 600 ms. This shouldn't affect the forwarding mechanism of the switch, but it isn't really a nice behaviour.

    4. Thank you

    I'm really happy to see the Zabbix agent and proxy integrated as a package in the pfSense! Before, I've used a cross-compiled installation of a Gentoo Linux specially for the Alix board. The kernal has been 2.6.32 and I never upgraded to a newer version. Ok, with this setup I had 10x less CPU usage, average <0.1% ;-) But this solution has been always a lot of manual work. With pfSense and the Zabbix packages, it's now an easy task to upgrade.


  • Regarding point 1, the package is likely named that way because that is how the port is named.  The ports are named that way because there are multiple versions available in the ports tree (currently 2.0, named zabbix2- <whatever>and 2.2, named zabbix22-<whatever>).  Naming the configuration directory zabbix <version-number>also matches the behavior of the port.

    The lack of consistency for the log and run file names seem like oversights.  The defaults from the port are all under /tmp, with no version name (eg., /tmp/ and /tmp/zabbix_proxy.log).  These are set in the configuration file, so you could configure those as you desire.</version-number></whatever></whatever>

  • Ok, thank you for your reply. I never built a pfSense package before, good to know how it works. Hope the next version will have fixed the glitches and the default will be fine.

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