Package configuration

  • Hello,

    It seems that in the version I downloaded, the wrong .xml for packages was included. I have no Squid an a very old version of Radius.

    However running an an Alix, with Microdrive, it is a nightmare to reinstall this. How can I change the configuration of the .xml to get the right package list ?

    I'm running 1.2 RC4 on Alix

    thanks in advance

  • Probably on embeded version pfSense packages unaccessible?

  • No, with a microdrive and LiveCD I did a full install..
    But the process on microdrives is a nightmare. Sometimes it works on the drive, sometimes it won't.
    Therefore I'm keen not to reinstall.


  • Easy solution was a firmware upgrade, with the same version, however with the correct build, and everything works fine now…

  • I'm running on a Microdrive without any issues.  You may find that some of your hardware is failing.

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