How Many DNS Does Pfsense Support?

  • I currently use a SEO software on my server which does a lot of requests in a minute for different websites. So it seems to me that my ISP DNSes start coughing when sending that many requests. G00gle and OpenDNS are also an option, but it seems like they also have some limits to how many requests can be sent.

    So I'm thinking about using some kind of combination of DNS servers. If I can somehow enter Google, OpenDNS, some other DNS service and my ISP DNS to be combined inside pfsense it would be great.

    I would also like to setup my pfsense firewall for dualWAN so I will have 2 x ISP DNS.

    Is something like this possible with pfsense? How many DNS's can be entered in pfsense?

  • System - General - DNS Servers has room for 4 entries.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If you have to do so many dns queries that your ISP is cutting you off ;)  Why don't you just run your own, and have ti query either roots directly or any of the other public dns out there.

    Pfsense is either going to query ALL the servers in that list at the same time, or sequentially query them if they don't answer - this does not seem like the best solution to me from your description.  I would just just grab bind and let it query the roots for you.  Then you have no issue with anyone cutting you off no matter how many queries you do - your only limit to number of queries you could do would be your machine horsepower that bind is running on and your internet bandwidth.

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