IPs in DHCP range unable to route to local network

  • We have as strange problem where clients with IP addresses within the DHCP range for a VLAN are unable to access a specific host (our wifi controller). If we manually set the client's ip outside of the DHCP range we are able to access the host.

    Setting the IP manually to one within the DHCP range produces the same problem, whilst adjusting the range simply changes the range of inoperability.

    Any ideas? I'm not sure which config screens would be useful to dump here (if any)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    what are the networks your assigning to your devices - I would guess you have some sort of mask mismatch.  Does not matter if IP assiged via dhcp or static on the device.  An IP is an IP is an IP, what mask you have on it would let the devices know what IPs are on its same network.

    Your on a goose chase thinking this has anything to do with dhcp.

    Lets get some details to work with..  Lets see client setting via dhcp, and lets see them via static - your not routing segments are you.  So how would pfsense have anything to do with clients talking to each other on the same network segment?

  • Some further investigation seems to suggest this is really a problem with our wifi rather than pfsense. We're able to access the host when connected directly into our distribution layer but on wifi we see the connection issues.

    Thanks for your reply all the same.

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