Enabling and setting DHCP range help

  • Hi All,

    This is probably a very simple question, but I'm a bit of a newb. This is only my second firewall config in many years of providing IT services. I will be buying pfSense: The Definitive Guide to study. Also, please let me know if I'm dropping this into the wrong forum group. Here's what I have:

    I’m setting up a new shared workspace business for a client. He’s using Cobot Managed Co-working Space software. Cobot requires that the WiFi APs do a captive portal thing that redirects them to a login which allows the business to track membership visits.

    Cobot recommended a Netgate m1n1wall 2D13 which is what we purchased. The PF Sense setup is pretty straightforward, but I’m having a little trouble configuring the DHCP side. I’ll explain…

    The 8 port Comcast Business Internet router is currently giving out IP addresses (10.1.10.x.) Comcast suggested having their router set to bridge to the firewall and then to have the firewall give out the IPs. The thing is that they want to charge a monthly fee for an IP address for the firewall, and I’d like to save my client that money. I’d like to have the Comcast router give out a small range of IPs (I would connect a printer and a Sonos Wireless HiFi box to the Comcast router) and the Netgate give out the rest – in the same range of course (10.1.10.x.)

    Another option would be to have the firewall give the same IPs out as the Comcast router then place a switch in front of the firewall and connect the two WAPs, printer, and the Sonos Wireless HiFi box to that switch. I realize that this could cause IP conflicts, but I’d just make sure that they know to not connect anything to the Comcast router, also labeling it with a warning. Either way, I could use a hand configuring the firewall to give out DHCP addresses in a specific range, 10.1.10.x.

    I'd appreciate any help



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