HP DL320 G5

  • Hi folks,

    Thought I'd just post this 'for the record', in case any body wondered if the HP DL320 G5 could be used for pfSense.

    Today I installed 1.2 RC4 onto a part number 418045-421 DL320, its the one with 2.4Ghz Xeon 3060. I also added a NC364T 4 port gigabit (intel based) network card.

    I didn't bother with the CD-ROM drive, instead installing from a USB key, for those interested, I used this script to convert the ISO image into a UFS image that I could dd onto the USB flash drive. Once booted I had to tell it to mount root from ufs:/dev/da0a as it was trying to do it form the CD still. I guess I could have fixed that as well before I did the dd onto the flash drive.

    Also to get the raid1 working, you need to disable it in the bios (the HP extensions to the meta data on the drives are not supported by FreeBSD) and then once booted, select option 8 to get a command shell and enter the command :

    atacontrol create raid1 ad4 ad6

    Then you can exit the shell and install pfSense via option 99 onto the raid array ar0. Don't forget to select the SMB kernel option to make use of the dual core processor.

    Hope this was / will be of use to somebody.



  • isn't it easier to use iLOE Virtual Media to map the ISO file instead of a USB drive?

    And i thought the RAID config would be transparent to the OS as it's hardware raid? (atleast with the Smart Array Controllers)

  • The DL320 has Soft ATA raid, although you can upgrade to hardware raid cards if you want.

    I guess I could have used the ILO2 stuff, but I suspect it requires having a windows PC somewhere (which I don't) to mount the ISO from? I notice that the HP support stuff tends to favor Windows machines.



  • yes thats true, the virtual media requires Internet Explorer and Java :(

    But for iLOE version 1 you could use firefox to mount ISO's, i wonder why they decided to make it IE only in iLOE 2 :(

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