PFSENSE + RADIUS's attribute

  • I have a system that includes pfsense , radius , clients. They're used to provide internet for customer. It looks like the customers have to buy scratch cards to get a username and password to use my service(internet).
    But I have no idea about the problem "stopping user using service immediately when their using time or capacity expires".
    User A buys a scratch card and he has 1GB capacity to connect the internet. He's spent 900MB/1GB.
    At the last connect time, he downloaded a movie with 2GB. In fact , his capacity expired when he's downloading 100MB/2GB.
    But I can't stop his account immediately (when his downloading hasn't completed).
    Please help me to solve the problem.
    Everything I use RADIUS to resolve. Not at the local pfsense.
    This's the first time I visit and post a thread on the forum. If I'm wrong where to post, please help me move it.
    Thank you so much

  • Please help me.

  • You need to send Accounting data to the radius server, and you need to "Reauthenticate users every 1 minute".
    You'll find it's likely easier moving your radius server to a different machine with apache/mysql where you can use one of the web frontends to manage the users, and get group support within radius.
    If you haven't configured a radius server from scratch, look into the book 'Freeradius beginner's guide'.

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