PFSense failing install on HP BL460C Blade Server

  • I'm attempting to install 2.1.4 on a HP BL460C Blade Server however the installer is failing for some reason. The install just hangs and at some point if I hit enter I get taken to a prompt of db> not entirely sure how to proceed from here.

  • I have run into this before. It was a bootloader issue for me, all i had to do was go into the bios of the machine and change the SATA type to IDE and pfsense picked up the harddrive again.

  • check pfsense v2.2 alpha

  • Ended up having to use 2.2 Alpha release to get this to work must be an issue with the NIC drives.

  • Well 2.2 installs but after rebooting the server it's failing to see that PFSense is installed on the machine and it's just caught in an endless reboot cycle. Any ideas here? I've checked in BIOS and everything looks alright to me. Not getting any errors either it's like it's thinking there's nothing to boot from on the HDD.

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