[SOLVED] Multi WAN to LAN, how to route traffic from specific IPs on LAN to WAN2

  • Here's the setup. I share WAN1 with my roommates, I just got a WAN2 setup that I want to set aside solely for two servers on the LAN, and I thought I had the rules setup correctly and it looked like all traffic was flowing through WAN2 for those servers but when I rebooted them now all traffic is flowing through WAN1 again. What am I missing? I don't have load balancing or anything setup as I don't want it.

    Here are my LAN rules:

    Here are my WAN2 rules:

    Here are my NAT rules:

    Thanks for any and all help.

  • Topic: MultiWAN + static routes through WAN2


    I have dual wan and 1 lan, I already test this solution is perfectly work.

  • So after reading a bunch of other posts it would appear that the preferred method to get this working is to use gateway groups. This has a bunch of advantages as well. I got my setup working with the settings below:

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