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  • I am new to pfSense and am setting up an office network using pfSense as the router + firewall, a 48 port Cisco 2960 series switch and a Cisco EA6300 wireless router.

    We require multiple (6-8) VLAN's with different access rights to servers and the internet and plan to use 802.1x authentication with a username and password to get access to VLANs.

    The pfSense box will have 5 NICs and I plan to connect them as follows
    NIC0 -> dedicated management interface
    NIC1 -> WAN1
    NIC2 -> WAN2
    NIC3 -> Cisco 2960 switch
    NIC4 -> Cisco EA6300 wireless router (In access point mode).

    A few questions on this setup.
    1. What would be the best setup to get RADIUS (or diameter) (username and password) authentication and VLAN tagging.
    2. If user1 on the VLAN1 connects to the cable on user2's desk (who has access to VLAN2), he should be put in VLAN1.
    3. I would like common VLANs across the setup, if user1 is assigned to VLAN1 and he disconnects from the wired connection and connects to the wireless access point, he should be put back into the correct VLAN.

    The hardware configuration is not fixed yet.

    Any help or opinions would be much appreciated.


  • It's all possible, but this is a little radius and mostly switch configuration problem. You're likely to get more useful answers in a cisco/networking forum.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Yeah not sure how these questions are related to pfsense.  Is pfsense going to be gateway of every vlan?  Are you asking how to do that?  And its not really a cisco EA6300, is a linksys home wireless router that can be had for like $100.  I don't even think it supports vlans.  And don't even see dd-wrt support for it.

    So not sure how you expect to put different wireless users on different vlans?

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