Bad working http on traffic shaping

  • line 10M/2M, 1.2RC4 on wrap 266mhz,1wan
    2 torrent, snmp show 5M/500K traffic
    but httpd browsing is very slow

    traffic wizard,catch all torrrent, httpd on high

    whats the problem?

  • clean install
    1.2 release
    traffic shaper wizard

    one radio on port 8060 (128K down)
    one http download (1M down)
    and radio interrupt?

    is wrong configuration?its only my problem?
    its somebody use traffic shaping?

  • p2p clients could change the ports as well to 80 and if they do that…..they will catch as much as they can of the bandwidth.I had a problem similar and i resolved monitoring the connections of the client and set it to a penalty ip. The other metod is to efectively block the traffic to the asked destination.

  • in second post:
    NO p2p traffic!
    is 10M download line
    1M http download
    and 0.128M for radio

    use of wizard,
    2 connection, and don't work well?!

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