Gateways problem (apinger??)

  • Hello there!

    I am new to the forum but pfsense user, we're having a very strange problem with the web interface gateways and apparently.

    Two computers CARP mode, updated to the latest version 2.1.4, randomly in the web interface gateways contact is lost and pass pending status, connectivity is not lost, running the ping when the problem happens no packet loss. After some moment return to appear online correctly.

    We tried to restart the service apinger, change the gateway monitor, in the logs is not reported anything strange.

    Have any idea that may be happening? had similar problems?

    Thank you very much!

  • There is a glitch in the apinger service.  If you search the forums for 'apinger packet loss' you will see some threads that would likely be related to your issue.  In the past simply restarting the apinger service from the diagnostic/services menu has fixed the issues.

  • Thanks mhab12

    I will read the similar posts, and try the restart of service.  I think already test it that but to be sure it doing again. I hope we have some fix soon.


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