How do I setup pfSense with only one physical NIC

  • I'm trying to connect my virtual machines on my VMware ESXI host to a router so that they cannot see other physical devices on my network.
    My setup looks somewhat like this:

    ISP–--->Modem----->Router 1 (Physical)-----> VMware ESXI host -----> pfSense------> Virtual machines
                                                    L______>Router 2 (Physical)-----> Physical computers my family uses.

    My problem is: I'm not understand why I need to setup a WAN port, which requires another physical NIC. I wouldn't need to have 2 NIC on a normal computer. On a physical computer I only need one ethernet port, and that ethernet port can see both the LAN and WAN when it's connected to a router with Internet. Would only setting up a LAN switch in the ESXI be sufficient for what I'm trying to accomplish?

    I guess my first question is: Can I install pfSense if I only have one physical NIC?

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