How to configure DHCP Relay with multiple VLANs

  • Hello everyone, I have a problem here and now rolled around this forum and not found the solution.
    In my current environment I have 2 WANs and dozens of VLANs and LAN interfaces within my pfSense. In some of these VLANs have DHCP enabled, however I have noticed slowdowns in pfSense on behalf of so many services running on it and decided to configure DHCP on a Debian server.
    Now I'm in doubt of how to make the configuration of Debian (if I have to create a VLAN interface for each one that it could enable DHCP) and pfSense to pfSense can grab the Debian DHCP and pass on to customers in all LAN interfaces.
    Has anyone set up something like this and can give me an idea of how to do?

    Thank you in any tip.

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