Help With Cidr Block

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue.

    I recently recieved a CIDR block from my isp cox cable. I have the information below

    wan ip: - N/A - routed
    Primary Name server:
    Secondary Name server:

    Subnet - routed
    Number of hosts 61
    Suggested Default Gateway:
    First Useable
    Last Useable

    Here is my setup. –

    WAN is:  with a gateway of

    Lan is: or should i make the lan  the mask is /24.

    i have an ipsec connection that runs over the lan to multiple locations, so i need the lan to be seperate. -- as i have about 30 computers on the lan that recieve the public ip of

    OPT2 Interface is address is /26. which is the default gateway, i was told by cox to put that there.  I have no default gateway setup on the OPT2.

    I have also setup a dhcp server in the range to -- all servers in the OPT2 get an ip address. I get errors though, that says no dns server can be found. I cannot ping anything outside like  All i get on the servers is no dns server available. - I asked cox 4 times if the ip's are routable. they say yes everytime. --

    I tried firewall rules to allow traffic to the and i tried static routes. -

    I appreciate anyone's help on this, or what else i could try.

    thank you.

  • here is an update.

    I can now ping out. - however, the ip is the static ip for the wan. when i try Virtual ip, i get nothing. - I cant use the lan, as i have voip phones on there, that requrie an ipsec connection to a remote switch, and they need a public ip address. - So i thought i try a dmz, or use the opt2 as the cidr block.


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