How to use another gateway on another pfsense?

  • Hi,

    I have two pfsense with connection.

    I need to use the connection  pfsense two on pfsense one, is possibile?

    ONE      wan ISP1  pfsense  lan (gateway)
    TWO    wan ISP2  pfsense  lan (gateway)


  • Sure, I do it all the time.  My Virtualbox pfSense test lab uses another instance of pfSense running on VMware ESXi for Internet access.  Use the first pfSense LAN address as the gateway for the other pfSense.  You haven't provided much in the way of WAN/LAN IP addresses and subnets so I can't say if there might be any obvious problems.

  • sorry kom, my english is not very good, but now i try to explain me better.

    in my case, i have the first pfsense with the first connectivity with one vpn ipsec.
    For many reason, i can not change the public ip for this vpn.
    But i have one problem: the total bandwitch is too few in this moment. So i have another connection.

    Is it clearer?

    Maybe, i can add the second connection such second wan on the first pfsense, then add a second gateway only for http and smtp with a firewall rule.... but i don't know if is it possibile...
    How about?

  • Yes, it is definitely possible.  While I haven't done it myself as I only have one WAN connection, others use Multi WAN & gateway groups with rules to direct traffic to the proper WAN.

  • ok, now i have two wan and, from my pc, i can access to internet with the second wan (i check my public ip with mywanip service).

    But now, i have a problem: i think that the limiter not run correctly….
    Are there some settings to do if i use more wan?

  • I don't know, and I don't have the equipment to even test it.

  • ok, tnx KOM very kind  ;)

    Now, i hope in other post, maybe other people have tried this

  • Just search these forums for multi wan gateway group or similar.  Too bad you aren't a Gold Member or you could refer to the pfSense HangOut video from April where they went over Multi-WAN configs and gateway groups, and did some demonstrations.

  • maybe in future KOM, i hope.
    For me pfsense is a very great product!!!


  • It's only $99 USD…

  • ah, no expensive!!!
    What other advantages give me?

    Very interesting

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