Memory usage on D510 Atom box

  • I've been running Pfsense for a few months now, and over the last couple of weeks I've noticed my RAM usage stays around 60-70% all the time even though i have 1GB installed. I'm not running anything over the top, just pfblocker and a transparent proxy filter. Anything I should look into to see if this is normal?

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  • So basically, if it's working its gravy? Seems short sighted.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That doesn't seem excessively high for a box running Squid and pfblocker.
    Are you seeing any issues or regularly hitting 100%? Unused RAM is a waste of resources.


  • Linux/FreeBSD fundamentally treats RAM differently than on lets say… Windows.

    The operating system is designed and configured to page/cache as much as it can, and then expire/kick out the less important stuff when the need arises (squid cache, VPN, heavy outbound NAT, lots of states).

    We have a CARP pair in a data center acting as a reverse proxy which has 12GB of ram. Last time I checked we were using about 95% of total system RAM there. The main firewall pair has 4GB, supports up to 3,000,000 states, serves as VPN headend and NAT, and has about 10% usage.

    It all depends on your application and how you use the box. :)

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