MAC filter configuration

  • How do I set the MAC filter to permit MAC addresses on WiFi?
    I navigate to pfSense > Services > DHCP Server > WiFi > MAC Address Control > add in MAC addresses.

    I have WiFi devices accessing pfSense WiFi and I haven't setup the MAC address filter?
    So, how do I block WiFi, then only allow approved MAC addresses?

  • I have decided to not use MAC filter, rather WiFi password access.

    I tried setting up WiFi password access by navigating to:
    pfSense > Interfaces > WiFi > Network-specific wireless configuration > WEP > untick Enable WEP > WPA > tick Enable WPA > PSK: password > WAP Mode: WPA2 > Save > Apply.

    My mobile device now won't find the pfSense WiFi?

    Any suggestion on how to set up pfSense password access to WiFi please?

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