RDNS for a private IP?

  • Forst off, thanks for a great product. I'm really impressed with this firewall product.

    I've got a simple pfsense install with 1 WAN interface on a static public IP, and 1 LAN interface on a private class C ( /24). I have a mail server with a 1:1 NAT and a virtual IP configured with correct rules for SMTP, POP, etc… on the LAN subnet, but I have some email rejected due to the RDNS issues.

    I've read other posts stating that I should configure RDNS for the mail server. How do I set up RDNS for a private address? if I configure RDNS for the public IP will mail still be rejected due to the IP address inconsistency since the header shows 192.168.20.xxx as the source?


  • The Reverse DNS check will check the public IP the mail server is using, so you need to get the PTR record set for the VIP you are using for the 1-1 to the mail server. You generally have to call your ISP and have them find a smart person to get this done. You can check your reverse records on a site like dnsstuff/dnsreport.

  • Thanks! It looks like it's working now.

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