Dansgaurdian squid speedtest.net problem

  • hi guys i have a some what of a small issue here is the scenario.

    1. i tested my internet speed with speedtest.net and it shows 100mb/25mb when im directly connected to the cable modem also it shows my external ip address and location which is chicago and im on comcast

    2. connect same computer to the network where pfsense is running squid and dansgaurdian i get 40mb/23mb and the ip it shows is my local ip which is and that my location is in columbus and it shows my provider is DOD information center.

    i was wondering if there was a way that i can fix this i know it has to be a setting i just need to change keep in mind that im new to pfsense and i have been messing around with it for a couple of days now i would love to use the full 100mb down im paying for behind pfsense

  • A lot more detail is required.  Is this a brand new install?  i386 or amd-64?  2.1.4?  Physical or virtual?

    What happens when you're behind pfSense but you disable both Squid and DG?

  • since this post i have reinstalled pfsense 2.1.3 then updated the firmware to 2.1.4 im on i 386 and have no packages installed i do a speed test on a my computer and i get 10/25 on a new install of pfsense when i get 100/25 when im connected to the modem this is a physical install i have a gig nic to my wan and a 10/100 to the lan

  • Take a look at your Status - RRD Graphs - Quality.  Do you have any packet loss?

  • here is a screen cap

  • No, the Quality tab two over to the right.

  • here is my speed connected via lan to the cable modem

    here is my speed connected via wireless to the cable modem

    here is my speed connected via wireless to my router

    sorry about that but i think this is bad

  • As you can see, you're suffering from high packet loss for some reason, almost 16% on average.  This could be due to mis-configuration, or an incompatibility between pfSense and your hardware.

  • anyway to figure out how to fix it

  • If you have a different NIC laying around, you could try and swap it for the one in your pfSense server and see if that helps.  Check the FreeBSD 8.3 hardware compatibility guide too.  You don't happen to have a traffic shaper in place that you haven't mentioned, do you?

  • nope fresh install no packages i did notice that the firewall is blocking alot of wan traffic

  • Those are just multicast packets and can be ignored.

  • ok i did a new install on another machine that was faster and changed nics and im getting a little bit better performance im still getting alot of packet loss but my speed has increased so im begining to think the problem is my router that's dropping the packets.

  • Getting to the bottom of your packet loss issue is the key to your throughput problem, I would think.  Here is what I see over an 8-hour period:

  • this is what im getting now on the 'new' machine

  • That's a LOT better than it was, but still unacceptable.  What kind NICs are you using?

  • D-Link DFE-530TX+ 10/100BaseTX wan

    Intel 82801BA (D865) Pro/100 VE Ethernet lan

  • I should have asked sooner, but anything in Status - System Logs - General or Gateways?  I'm wondering if maybe you're another install with an apinger issue.

  • hi kom i just wanna say thanks for your help. i fixed it to the point where i got 0 packet loss i narrowed it down to being a bad cable i was using for the box the other issue i have now is that im still not getting my 120mb/s im gonna call Comcast and see if i can have my modem placed in bridged mode so i can get the public ip second issuse that has popped up now is that i cant log in to the web config with firefox anymore i have to use internet explorer for some reason with firefox the connection times out when i have been using it all along to log in.

  • Do a forum search.  Others have the same Firefox issue.  It has to do with HTTPS.  There is a Firefox option that you can disable to perhaps fix it.

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