RRD Graphs

  • For some reason my RRD Graphs the actual text data is way off for some reason. The graph is showing correctly that I downloaded or uploaded over 100Gb in a day but the text data down below the graph only show like 800MB of data has passed.

    This image I know I downloaded over 75GB of data last night but it only shows 2Gb in the text field. On the Dashboard of pfsense it shows the correct amount of data on the physical interfaces.

  • Even your graph shows about 36mb/s over at least 6 hours, which is almost 100GB.

    Where you actually looking at the 1 day graph or was that the 8 hour graph? I've noticed that if I don't refresh the RRD page, the graphs will keep accumulating data. I've never checked to see if the summary data at the bottom correctly reflects what's displayed in the image except on initial load.

    I guess what I'm going after is maybe the graph and the statistics are only in sync when the page first loads, then they start to diverge.

  • This is the 1 day graph and this is what it shows no matter if a refresh the page or completely log out and back in.

  • I would like to point out for anyone else looking at this. If you take the reported average and divide it into the total transferred, it would indicate that the window was only 30 minutes, which makes no sense.

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