Recommendations for minipci radio cards?

  • Hi all,

    I've been pretty happy with pfSense (daily embedded builds, live dangerously!) on PC Engines' ALIX boards in my lab.

    Now, the lab boards' function is basically to act as a bit-pusher for some experiments I'm running while evaluating vendor hardware.  One of them, though, is about to get repurposed as a captive portal for visitors to the office, since I'm sick of dealing with people who don't have WPA2-capable drivers on their laptop.  Besides, I want to keep guests outside of our security perimeter.

    So I'm looking for specific recommendations for radio cards.  Netgate has a bunch of choices; I'd like A/B, don't care that much about G (A for speed, B for least common denominator)…  of the ones listed at can anyone make some specific recommendations for cards that work well or cards to stay away from?

    Thanks a bunch,


  • Usually cards based on Atheros chipsets work flawlessly. It is the most recommended name I hear all around.

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