Sip proxyd not working in 1.2rc4

  • installed via package list
    it burned through the install no problems
    service started and is showing in the correct tab

    when i set the settings in the main page they do not hold.

    but if i check in the /usr/local/etc folder of sipproxy.conf it shows that i the interfaces are correct the lan and the wan that i woudl like

    if_inbound = xl0
    if_outbound = xl1
    sip_listen_port = 5060
    daemonize = 1
    silence_log = 0
    log_calls = 1
    user = nobody
    chrootjail = /usr/local/siproxd/
    registration_file = siproxd_registrations
    pid_file =
    rtp_proxy_enable = 1
    rtp_timeout = 300
    default_expires = 600
    debug_level = 0x00000000

    if i add users in the second page they do hold.

    just a FYI
    Thanks guys

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