2 different DNS One for VPN one for VPN Bypass devices (Netflix, Vudu, Hulu)

  • Hey guys, quick question.  I have PFsense running OpenVPN and wanted to know if I can use the DNS servers of my VPN provider for the devices on my network that go through the VPN.  At the same time, i want to bypass the VPN with say my Roku's, Smartvs, etc and supply them with DNS numbers from a smart DNS service so they can get past Geoblocking and get my family access to Netfilx, Vudu, and Hulu from the US.

    Any help would be much a appreciated.

  • I'm not sure I follow you.  DNS is DNS, regardless of whose you use.  Geoblocking is a function of locating you based on the IP block your traffic is coming from, not which DNS server you use.  As long as the VPN service you're using has a US-based endpoint, you should be seen as US-based no matter whose DNS you are using.  Or am I missing something?

    Edit:  OK, I had a peek at one Smart DNS provider and they appear to be a proxy service.  That's how they get around the geoblocking.  I was wondering how just DNS alone could accomplish that.  OpenVPN allows you to specify which DNS for your clients to use, so try pumping in your VPN's DNS and see if you can resolve.  However, I'm sure these guys need you to set your web proxy to an address of theirs or something so that your traffic looks like it comes from them.  There is more to it than just using different DNS servers, I'm sure.

  • I am probably missing something.  This is what I'm after.

    I subscribe to Private Internet Access for my VPN but their IP's  are blocked on VUDU and HULU detects a VPN so neither work in my setup going through the VPN.

    I also subscribe to Unotelly which is a smartDNS service. When I use the smart dns numbers, everything works but you can't use Unotelly behind a VPN.

    I was going to try to take all the devices out of the VPN that don't need privacy and use them with the smart dns. And keep my computers connected to the VPN.

    Any advice or insight would be much appreciated..

  • The nice thing about the smart dns service is I get all the US content on Netflix, Hulu isn't detecting a VPN, and VUDU doesn't block the IP like they do from Private Internet Access.  So everything works, and there is no speed penalty like a VPN, you just change the dns setting on the router.  The downside is there is no encryption or privacy.

    I just need to figure out how to get them all working together to make it work for me and my family.

  • But those services only work through a web browser, right?  People usually use a US-based VPN service (or at least a service with a US endpoint) to get around geoblocking.  Unotelly seems to be a VPN company too.  Could you not get a proper VPN plan (not just a web proxy) and then configure pfSense to use their VPN?

  • No I plug their DNS numbers into my router and everything on my network including SmartTvs, Rokus, and everything else can use hulu, vudu, and us netflix.  I do have a VPN plan but their US ip's are blocked on PIA and AirVPN that I just tested. Also hulu doesn't work with a vpn either.  Its tough being Canadian sometimes.  :)

  • I'm from Ottawa but I have no use for Netflix, Hulu etc.  When you say 'DNS numbers', what exactly do you mean?  Don't give me the real address they give you, but give me what they're telling you to change in your network settings.  I can't believe for a moment that just changing your DNS will get around geoblocking.  Tell me what they ask you to change and where.  Don't tell me what they tell you to set it to.  Is there any software from them that you must install?

  • You basically type their DNS server numbers into your device.  The Roku doesn't have that option so you can type it into your router instead and then everything on your network gets it.  You then need to go to their website and hit a button that activates your account to your IP and that is it.  If your ISP ever changes your ip or if you want to use it at a different location you just log into their service and activate the different IP. The only catch is you can only use one IP at a time per account.  No software to install. Hope that made sense.

    Instead of receiving dns from your ISP, you change it from receive automatically to specify your own dns. Sorry my phone is being funny with the formatting.

  • That's all they ask you to change is literally just your DNS?  I'm official stumped as to how they manage geoblocking that way.  DNS doesn't route your packets, it just acts like a telephone directory for hostname <–> IP address lookups.  That's it.  Your only interaction with their DNS servers would be to get an IP address for www.netflix.com and then you route there directly through your ISP.

    I'm obviously of no help here, sorry.

  • no worries, thanks for taking the time to walk through it with me!

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