HVAP - HTTP Antivirus Proxy Version

  • Hello I recently added the HAVP antivirus. I noticed that HTTP Antivirus Proxy does not show a version number, but seems to be working. I attempted downloading of the eicar test files and I am unable to download them.

    Is it common for no version number to show up?

  • as none of the "experienced contributors" can answer this, i'll try…

    i use havp for some years now, i've never seen a version number show up there. so i believe it is common. it should be showing the havp version (0.91) i think, which stayed the same over a long time now.
    looks like havp isn't supported regulary anymore for some reasons. it may be replaced in the future. (?), but it still works fine for most.

    btw: did you manage to get the alerts showing up on 2.1.4? my installation is blocking, but gives no information to the "havp alerts" dashboard widget anymore, just to the syslog.  :(


  • I was a bit confused because most of the tutorials online for HVAP show the version number being reported. I guess it's nothing to be worried about. Thanks for the reply.

    My HVAP Alert dashboard widget is working:

    I am running the 2.1.4-RELEASE (i386) inside Vmware esxi.

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