NMAP doesn't scan all ports

  • hi guys,

    i have installed nmap on my pfsense machine and i am running nmap on an IP (my pc) and i have got filezilla open (ftp client) and i am connected to my works ftp server and for some reason when i run a scan on my IP (while i have still kept the ftp connection active) it doesn't list port 21 as open ie being open or active, i find that a bit strange as i thought it would list any port open or active

    it lists other ports being open/active but not port 21?

    any help



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Unless your PC is actually listening for a connection from anywhere on port 21, then nmap won't see that as "open".

    To nmap, "open" means that a service is waiting for inbound connections and accepts them (listening on a port), such as a web server or FTP server on the IP being scanned. If your client has a connection "open" to a remote server, that isn't something nmap can see as it's a fundamentally different concept.

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