Routing traffic through 2 gateways with 2 firewalls

  • Here is an interesting problem I have been scratching my head over for a couple weeks. I am sure it is probably something simple I am overlooking, but in any case I am missing something. Here is the problem I am having:

    I originally had just a single cable internet connection at my house, my mother owns a house directly across the street. I have been supplying her internet from my house through a set of outdoor wireless bridge connections. This has worked very well and has had pretty good speeds. Recently I dropped my cable service and just stuck with internet and a few streaming media services. Just a couple weeks ago my mother upgraded to a package that included internet with her other services. I want to take advantage of the app for my ROKU 3's and stream some of her cable channels. The only thing stopping me is that for it to work the internet has to come from her modem.

    I setup a second firewall at her house, set the LAN IP of it to be in the same subnet as my existing network, turned off DHCP,  and then programmed a static IP in one of my laptops with the new firewall's IP for the gateway. Went to to verify that I am connecting with her outside IP, but for some reason it still routes traffic through my firewall even though the gateway IP I set is for her internet connection.

    have considered putting each connection's LAN on its own subnet, but then I would have to add a second NIC to both of my servers and deal with all the headaches of adjusting the settings in those. These servers are running streaming media, network print services, ftp, etc…... So the ROKU units do connect to one of the servers for streaming services. If I do have to go that route I will, but I would really prefer to avoid it. I attached a basic diagram of the mess I have setup so far.

    Any ideas would be great!

  • So I tried adding MAC address control in both firewalls for one of my Roku3 devices. Firewall1 was set to deny access to the MAC in the DHCP server settings and Firewall2 was set to "deny unknown clients" in it's DHCP server. I set the static IP assignment in Firewall2 to only the one device. Cleared the ARP cache in both firewalls, rebooted the Roku, verified the IP and gateway assignment in the Roku once it restarted. Tried testing it and…..... it is stilling accessing the internet through Firewall1?!?!!?!?!?  I am going to try blocking all access to the LAN interface on Firewall1 to this device and see if that makes any progress. Hopefully it will force the traffic out the other firewall like it should be.

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