Howto "Bridge" Dropbox LAN Sync between different networks ?

  • Hi,

    actual there is only one match to this thread but here only for external/internal blocking (in this forum segment, therefore also here my new post):


    The LAN sync traffic between boxes on your LAN subnet does not go through pfSense at all (unless you have multiple internal subnets) and the cloud sync traffic uses port 80 so it's hard to block (deliberately!).


    From Help it seems that only TCP Port 17500 ist used for Broadcast and direct sync communication:

    So first step should be to open this TCP Port… but is it possible to let pfSense replicate broadcast for this port to other segments?
    For security reasons LAN/WLAN e.g. is separated but this Dropbox synx would be nice to let it through to decrease external bandwith usage...

    We have directly not this problem because we didn't "support" Dropbox and have a local OwnCloud instance running for our employees.
    But in an external project which has also a pfSense running Dropbox is used ... So I came to this general question ;)



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